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To work closely with the local community, particularly women and children, in order to ensure positive socio-economic change and sustainable natural resource management.

Overall Goal

Our overall goal is to develop an integrated intervention that is equitable and accessible to all levels of the community through balanced participation of the target communities.  Objectives of the Organization

Barwaaqo voluntary organization (BVO) is a non-political, non- governmental and non -profit-making development action-oriented an advocacy organization that was founded in 1996 by a committed gender balanced group in Somaliland.

BVO operates mainly in five out of the six regions in Somaliland. What we do is always driven by community needs where the projects we implement are based the realities on the grounds and aimed to solve problems that were realized through feasibility studies/needs assessment. This is where the existed and fluctuating community threats and vulnerabilities can be eliminated. BVO ensures that interventions are focused and gender based since women and children are the most vulnerable groups in the society.

News & Events

promoting-community-response-on-child-right-protection-and-prevention-of-gender-based-violence BVO implemented in the fist quarter of this year 2014  a project on “promoting community response on child right protection and...
promoting-women-political-legal-right-through-raising-awareness-building-conscious-of-women-to-claim-their-rights Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization with the financial help of action Aid International implemented a project to develop the status of women and girls...
trade-ban Local environmentalists are worried that the trade in charcoal may wipe out some tree species. "One of the ... trees used for charcoal...
insufficient-cheaper-alternatives-and-a-large-former-refugee-population-are-fuelling-tree-felling HARGEISA, (IRIN) - Insufficient cheaper alternatives and a large former refugee population are fuelling tree-felling and dependence on...

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